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Sembreak starts tomorrow. 
Where to go?
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  1. mickeyhoh

    Just realise that you like white tshirt a lot

  2. aka_cathay

    @mickeyhoh hahaha just black or white.

  3. mickeyhoh

    @akacathay saw you with white most of the time

  4. aka_cathay

    @mickeyhoh 被你发现了😂

  5. mickeyhoh

    @akacathay ya woh

  6. aka_cathay

    @mickeyhoh 我少买衣服啊 哈哈哈

  7. aka_cathay

    @ang__xx 😉

  8. aka_cathay

    @edward_hjh8782 let's go

  9. thiri_victoria

    Having sem-break now? So nice 😉

  10. aka_cathay

    @thiri_victoria yea🙆 but kind of boring

  11. thiri_victoria

    Oh hahah I m back to Malaysia as well let's hang out one day if you are free:) pm me 🙋🏻

  12. aka_cathay

    @thiri_victoria hahaha welcome back. Of course, whatsapp me ok?

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