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Seriously, how cute are they? You would have thought I was torturing these two making them dress like this for their 80s bowling night tonight and I think this was pretty mild. There may or may not have been tears shed. 🙄 What's funny to me… Is the fact that most of these trends are making a comeback. 🙈
#eighties #neon #crimpedhair #leggings #scrunchie #blueeyeshadow #hip #trendy #adidas #legwarmers #hairspray #80sparty #ootd


  1. janellesparkles

    Who is that teenager?! 😳😳😳

  2. songron

    @janellesparkles She is getting so grown up. Making this mama sad. She is a head taller than me and wears a size 10 shoe!!! 😬

  3. tladyhot

    T-Lady checking in on ya page!

  4. caughtafish

    I love the denim skirt with leggings💞

  5. marcia_gronning

    They look cute

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