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Da point sketch adopt 👽CLOSED owned by @jayadopts
Make an offer over 5 points
*Do not resell for more than you purchased for unless you have more art
*Please notify me of the new owner so I can make sure he does not get stolen
*you can change the design as long as it's recognizable 
#adopt #ota #furry #art #character #sketch #offertoadopt #adoptable #adoptables #adopts #adminswanted #artistsoninstagram #furryfandom


  1. bonelesspizzabone

    who'd steal dis

  2. peculiaradopts

    @affabilityaj If the character had more art people would be more likely to steal. I've seen the most sloppy bs designs stolen by 11 year old character hoarders so I'd just like to know who had what so I can help everybody avoid drama.

  3. jayadopts

    10 points? :3

  4. peculiaradopts

    @jayadopts Sure, My Da Is peculi-ar-tist

  5. jayadopts

    @peculiaradopts Sent! ♡

  6. peculiaradopts

    @jayadopts yours!