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my favorite game of all time is Harvest moon ♡ I decided in my free time to do a bust of each of the bachlors ♡ 
first up is Chase ♡ He's the chef interest for the MC ♡ 
ofc they gonna be all wolves hnn
#furry #furryart #fursona #cute #kawaii
#wolf #furryfandom #harvestmoon #harvestmoontreeoftranquility #harvestmoonanimalparade #doodle #doodles #digital #digitalart


  1. princelykaden

    Oh man that was a great game aside from all the loading screens lmao i wanna replay that sometime

  2. munchkin_bunny

    @princelykaden if you havent , try animal parade~ Tree of Tranquility was nuts with their 3 min loading screens for every little thing xD

  3. princelykaden

    @that__wallflower does animal parade have the insane loading screens lmao?

  4. munchkin_bunny

    @princelykaden it doesnt i swear xD it's flashes the area name for like 5 seconds and the style is really cute like they look like they can be from tree of tranquality but its not. everything is vibrant but also soft?? Its ny favorite harvest moon game c:

  5. princelykaden

    @that__wallflower omfg I want

  6. sketch_syndicate

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