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New record of Ketosis! I'm going to start incorporating a "cheat day" into my diet every two weeks because it helps recharge my ketones! #ketogenic #ketorecipes #ketosis #ketogenic #keto #healthy #health #lowcarb #lowcarblife #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #ketodiet #ketoresults #ketogenicweightloss #ketoweightloss #ketoweightlossjourney #ketowin


  1. my_sweet_comeback

    I don’t believe that is a thing? Recharging ketones? What do you mean

  2. caseyeatsketo

    @my_sweet_comeback for the past two weeks, my urinalysis strips kept resulting in "trace" amounts of ketones but I had a cheat day where I had 136 carbs! My body had adjusted to being in Ketosis so when I had a spike of carbs then went back down to 20 grams, it recharged the amount of ketones in my body. So I believe. I've also heard from other people that you may need to eat like a sweet potatoe here and there in order to produce more ketones. The down side is my cravings are back and even worse!

  3. laurenkuzzie

    I was listening to a podcast and they said if you have been Keto for a while and your Keto strips are showing trace, that is a sign your body is really using ketones for energy instead of glucose. So that's a good thing! Like, idk much about this obviously lol but I'll send you the podcast! I think you would dig it