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  1. shutternspokes

    @mechdannyx Thanks, Man! 👊

  2. mechdannyx

    Cool Turn!!👍

  3. shutternspokes

    @pditty619 @robvoss666 - Might be able to squeeze one in October, but can’t Oct 6th. Headed to Sedona that weekend. Keep me posted. Have you guys heard of Santa’s Village? In heard it’s really good. Check it out: @skyparksantasvillage

  4. robvoss666

    Let's go October 6

  5. pditty619

    Awesome shot Manny 😎 goodtimes, let's go again before season ends 🤘👊

  6. shutternspokes

    @jpbarcas4 I totally agree. Shaun just got back from Mammoth. They had to cut the trip short, because it started snowing...something about lifts not running. Season is coming to an end. 😞

  7. jpbarcas4

    Nice Manny. I'm itching for one more trip

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