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  1. finefarhana

    My Lord! You are fast at getting these, girl, lol! I'm waiting to get this too! And have order huda dusky palette one and Subculture palette a couple of days ago! Lol

  2. fatima_r07

    @finefarhana 😂😂😂 I get too excited. Make up is the only thing I spend on when I allow myself to haha. You’re gonna love the huda beauty palette trust me!

  3. finefarhana

    Lol, I know what u mean coz I've been on makeup game recently too!!! Don't know why the sudden change!!

  4. fatima_r07

    @finefarhana Maybe it’s because all of these palettes are just in our faces 😂. It’s hard to resist

  5. finefarhana

    @fatima_r07 couldn't agree more!! Lool