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Savage battle between GTR & STI ● Guess the winner ● 😎Check out our Cool Products 👕,📱 & More at our 》BIO《


  1. og.lomeli


  2. alif_naufal18

    Awd power

  3. ___slowwboost__

    No burnout needed

  4. jakeyboy5674

    Suburu obviously cuz da all wheel drive

  5. juni0r.mafia


  6. j240x

    makes a massive difference... @bmx0

  7. reggie_the_6reat


  8. rywedel

    @liv_lynne_marie 😌subie

  9. danny_ruizzzz

    @alalaurikasper I'm teaching myself 😂

  10. hqzza

    @mark.nn 🤷🏽‍♀️

  11. alexdecamp

    I knew it

  12. mucho.autismo

    @hqzza sure , some fake ass awd Nissan driven by some kid would beat a awd all the time rally car.

  13. adel_patel

    @zackacree thanks yh and we all should know that makes a difference in a drag race.

  14. philipp_vrnhlt


  15. _therealguccigod_

    @zackacree ah makes sense

  16. santanathegreat

    @zackacree hmmm make sense

  17. zackacree

    @_colin16_ Most likely a gts-t

  18. zackacree

    @santanathegreat gts-t

  19. zackacree

    @adel_patel If it's rwd then it's probly a gts-t instead of a gtr

  20. zackacree

    It's not a gtr, it's a gts-t

  21. rsxitr

    this is an old video

  22. alalaurikasper

    @danny_ruizzzz you are'nt car guy

  23. alalaurikasper

    @miskakoivisto lul

  24. ruhdilly.christian

    STI needs to stop smoking I swear😂 Smoking GTR’s a quarter mile at a time

  25. bmx0

    @adel_patel shouldn't make a big difference

  26. jaden_andersonn

    STI YEAH!!! I like skylines too but STI’s are my favorite

  27. _logan_stear_

    I love them both so I can't dis

  28. brandon.zurawell

    @_colin16_ guess the driver wanted to become a proper drag racer

  29. brandon.zurawell

    Sti for the win

  30. hqzza

    That skyline quite literally had the worst pull away I've seen ever 😂 It's a shame because I can bet the skyline woulda smoked the subie but the driver is just trash 😂

  31. chihuahua_panda


  32. george_el_amil


  33. _therealguccigod_

    What GTR is rwd?

  34. bennbouakham

    @danny_ruizzzz subaru

  35. jdm818

    Lmaooo that shit got smoked. Lol god.

  36. morozovsv1987

    Не удивлюсь если турбофорик тоже так гтра сделает :)

  37. morozovsv1987

    Имели мы субаристы ваши гэтеры :)))) хотя лично я огромный фанат ниссана и GTRов в частности :)

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