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#elfiaarcen2017 has officially ended. Thanks to everyone for the amazing pictures and the great weekend!!! See you in Haarzuilens!!!
#elfia2017 #rin #vocaloidcosplay #vocaloid #vocaloidrin #rinsandplay #sandplaycosplay #Sandplay #qtcos #shiori


  1. fotografreek

    Yes, it was amazing!! Now the fun begins with the after processing haha 😉 Untill next time in Haarzuilens and thanks again for the great cooperation, you were great as usual 😃

  2. lynn.qtc

    @fotografreek and thank you too!!! You never fail to capture the most amazing pictures of my cosplays!!!

  3. fotografreek

    @lynn.v03 That’s so kind of you, thank you so much 😃

  4. fotografreek

    Wait till you see the picture of @321indy123 I took! He was great as well, someone did a great job teaching him some poses..

  5. lynn.qtc

    @fotografreek im a proud teacher. May the force be with you.

  6. fotografreek

    @lynn.v03 and with you

  7. rathore6488