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The beast overlooks his domain—a mature male bighorn above Mount Athabaska and its adjacent glacier, in Jasper National Park. #bighorn #glacier #jaspernationalpark #athabascaglacier #wildlife #canada #alberta #naturephotography #nature #bighornsheep #strikeapose


  1. sunsetphoto

    Welll be there in a few days!!!

  2. lemonthymeandginger

    @wandering.hat what a sight for you.

  3. wandering.hat

    @melanie_haiken thanks!!

  4. melanie_haiken

    He's posing for you! What an amazing pic!

  5. wandering.hat

    @goodvibesgatherer 🌞

  6. wandering.hat

    @lemonthymeandginger Ha! They were sleepy. It was a group of six big males, settling down at dusk. Amazing.

  7. lemonthymeandginger

    Wow what a lucky accident. Careful though I would not want to run away from a big horn sheep they have much better footing in that terrain then you do.

  8. goodvibesgatherer

    Wow! Beautiful beast!