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Just another everyday outfit!❤
Featuring my new fall coat from #oliveandari etsy shop!💕💕
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#oodt #fallfashion .


  1. parker_dean25

    I love your flatlays so much

  2. mini.wonders

    @junebeebaby yes ! Thanks hun!!❤

  3. junebeebaby

    Amazing colors! Just the perfect flatlay. Did you do the style and photography yourself?

  4. babeandbear


  5. mini.wonders

    @artnewbie_ng nath thank you merci!😉❤❤

  6. undecided.crafter

    Isa t’es la meilleure! Isa you’re the best!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  7. becajase

    That coat 👌

  8. ladymariane

    Oh wow wow wow 😍😍

  9. riouxcha

    Those boots! 😱

  10. mini.wonders

    @babybbasic right?! It's to big for my daughter unfortunately...but it will looks good at spring to I think!

  11. babybbasic

    Love this! That dress👌

  12. _mrgrayson_

    Awesome flatlay!

  13. mumma.and.mckenzie

    This outfit gives me all the feels

  14. clothcrowns

    O 😱 M 😱 G !!!!!! I love love love this sooooooooo much!

  15. mini.wonders thank you so much!

  16. brandynovadear

    Absolutely love this outfit

  17. missabbybee

    Oh this is so perfect!!

  18. itsshim

    Yes to everything


    Amazing flatlay. You’re so talented. ❤️

  20. littlerileyjames

    outfit always on point!

  21. kinsleysworld16

    This is so cute!

  22. alainem91

    Love this flatlay!!! 😍

  23. mini.wonders

    @ma.vie.avec.trois and mine...😫😂

  24. ma.vie.avec.trois

    Her wardrobe is better than mine!!!