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Certainly been challenged this school holidays so far.... here's hoping the second week is better!.
Caffeine and best wishes to all the mamas out there keeping up the endless snacks and cleaning the trail of mess!.
Loggerhead Turtle Pillowcase pictured available now!
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  1. thehelloworkshop

    Thanks for the tag lovely! Sorry I've been a bit MIA. Well and truly in my newborn bubble over here 🙋🏻 @brownpaperlemon

  2. bonnemereaustralia

    Half way there ! Crazy town ! 🖤 gorgeous flatlay !

  3. hobbeaustralia

    Hope week 2 is great!

  4. salt.sage.stone


  5. piper_and_i


  6. nordik__

    Haha oh yes aren't they are challenge 🙊

  7. fetemagazine

    Gorgeous pic. Thanks for including us. x

  8. brownpaperlemon

    @lunastreasures yes we were there Monday haha!

  9. lunastreasures

    @brownpaperlemon hehehe been at Boyd street Tugun yet?! 😉

  10. brownpaperlemon

    @unclebearskinproductions indeed!

  11. brownpaperlemon

    @lunastreasures yes my little one has me at every skatepark on the GC this week haha!

  12. brownpaperlemon

    @thepillowslipstore hehe!

  13. brownpaperlemon I usually live for school holidays! Ohhh well lol

  14. brownpaperlemon

    @3.little.crowns oohhhh camping doesn't sound relaxing haha! Glad u guys had fun x

  15. brownpaperlemon

    @closely.knit thanks lovely x

  16. brownpaperlemon

    @kids.kulture this week has been much more relaxing x

  17. brownpaperlemon

    @whimsy_woods yes but I'm still cleaning everything like a crazy woman lol

  18. brownpaperlemon

    @maxandduke it's the last week of holidays here in Qld

  19. kids.kulture

    🙈 hope your week gets better hunni!

  20. whimsy_woods

    Hope all the sickness has left your house by now. Xxxx

  21. maxandduke

    And by hold I totally mean hols 🙄

  22. maxandduke

    Waaaaaait a minute.. it's school hold there? Well this is tremendous, I'm dodging nz hols this week and AU next 🙌🏼😜

  23. closely.knit


  24. 3.little.crowns

    My first week was good whilst we were camping and they could run feral! Second week not so much 😭


    Lots of caffeine !!! Hope the next week will contains abit of relaxing time for you!

  26. thepillowslipstore

    Surviving the school holidays. Just 😝

  27. lunastreasures

    Monochrome turtle goodness 😍😍hope you are having a lovely time zonked up on caffeine ☺️☺️☺️☕️☕️☕️🤣

  28. unclebearskinproductions

    Boys xxx 🖤🖤🖤

  29. snugglehunnykids

    Hahaha enjoy my dear x

  30. brownpaperlemon

    @minimalist.jewellery Gosh wouldn't that be nice ! Lol

  31. minimalist.jewellery

    Sending you lots of coffee and cleaning fairies ✨

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