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90 degree weather. Seriously? ☹️ What's the weather like where you are??

90 degree weather. Seriously? ☹️ What's the weather like where you are??


  1. __hikaru_

    So freaking hot here in the UAE😱😔

  2. itsautumnslife

    @__hikaru_ I bet!! 😅

  3. tatamalik

    Wow.. Colorado is pretty cold 54F Now

  4. itsautumnslife

    @tatamalik omg!!! Take me to Colorado!! It's beautiful and cold.... ❤️

  5. tatertravels

    Atlanta, GA - still 85 🙄😂

  6. sunday.marie.hanson

    Lovely color contrast in this picture. . It's going to be 85+ here in the bay area, ca they say ♡

  7. reemmolokhia

    It's 33 C and humid! Although there was some cold breeze 2 days ago at night. Got asthmatic bronchitis thanks to that effin fluctuation

  8. myra_fl

    Orlando, FL 97* 😐 We won't feel cooler temperatures until maybe November ☹️

  9. itsautumnslife

    @tatertravels ugh, I'm so over it already!!

  10. itsautumnslife

    @sunday.marie.hanson whaaat. How is Indiana hotter than cali?!

  11. itsautumnslife

    @reemmolokhia Egyptian style sickness lol 😂 I hope you feel better!!

  12. itsautumnslife

    @myra_fl oh lord that's worse! Whyyyy, November? 😱

  13. myra_fl

    @itsautumnslife idk it's just sooo hot. We really only have 2 seasons, Spring and Summer! 😂

  14. chrismariejune

    Sweden in the south part +14 autum good and mostly sunny ☀️ goid for us läst summer wasn't too good 🌤🌥🌧🌧

  15. sunday.marie.hanson

    @itsautumnslife good question sister, world is acting kinda strange lately

  16. itsautumnslife

    @chrismariejune that’s my kind of weather ❤️

  17. tiffdiscovers

    It's perfect here (Redmond Washington) 85 today but mornings and evenings are crisp and cool. My husband is from Bloomington so I like sharing your posts with him. 🍁

  18. itsautumnslife

    @tiffdiscovers that is awesome! Bloomington is 57 today and I couldn’t be happier!! 🍂 The wind has a bit of a chill in it, my favorite ❤️

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