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when bears meet ocean.


  1. kenny.c.mich


  2. zippypaws

    Epic! 😍😍

  3. biometheory

    Great snap!

  4. skylar_noble

    great shot

  5. wong_j


  6. bafalcone


  7. skyethesiberian

    This is such a beautiful perfect picture

  8. mytravel_togo

    Cool. Love travel? Check my page ;)

  9. deleisure

    Our husky loves the ocean too! He and Kuma should have playtime in the Atlantic Ocean... here in NC

  10. pawsthatwander

    Gorgeous lighting

  11. kuma_thehuskybear

    @yulia_and_maximus thank you so much :) you're so kind!

  12. yulia_and_maximus

    I love your photos ❤

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