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Departing LCY

Departing LCY


  1. rayze_the_quest


  2. cseries_fanpage


  3. ttinka83

    @rabina17 ah that wasnt the last one then :) 30 is normal for lcy 🙈 shit is lx455 as if it has more than 40min, it is grounded due to zrh 11 o'clock curfew and sleepover in ldn awaits you 🙈

  4. rabina17

    @ttinka83 467 with a 30 min delay Tina!

  5. ajperfectfit

    Thanks for this one! Have a great day!

  6. pilotstories

    What a nice shot ☺

  7. ttinka83

    Lx455 @20:05 with the usual delay? 😁

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