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  1. 1slkcp3

    Is this loaf of bread attenting the upcoming Corgi Con?

  2. ketchupthecorgi

    @1slkcp3 most likely :) hopefully third time's a charm!!

  3. 1slkcp3

    @ketchupthecorgi i'll make sure to contact you guys , the moment I get there.

  4. whiskeyandringo

    What a smartie!!! ❤️❤️

  5. ketchupthecorgi

    @whiskeyandringo hehhh thanks team WAD! 😆♥️

  6. a_round_of_a_paws

    So talented and smart!!!

  7. ketchupthecorgi

    @a_round_of_a_paws aw you are making me blush!!

  8. ketchupthecorgi

    @daisycorgiofthevalley thanks daisy, but I'm actually a scaredy cat 🐶😺

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