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There is no need to stay here #drawing #artwork #darkness #doom #stickymonsters #donkenn #johnkennmortensen


  1. molloy_amy

    Love your artwork💜

  2. paulalallo

    I just had a really sad thought; all those kids in stories that go with the "monsters" luring them somewhere? They are tortured souls who consider their homes so horrible that they choose to trust a stranger, a blink of hope, who then betrays them in a way they certainly don't deserve.

  3. kdkook


  4. jokedagaurban

    inspiration from IT?

  5. 7samcasm


  6. 7samcasm


  7. what.matt.draws

    This is a awesome nightmare

  8. ullaunna


  9. munson.tim

    I love this!!!!!!!!!

  10. ryankbrown18

    Amazing work!

  11. karadklein

    Yes!! So creepy. 👌

  12. karasukarri

    Beautiful art, man! 😮♥️♥️😮

  13. _createture


  14. k.mattoso

    Man, can you post a video of how you draw? It would teach us a lot :)

  15. jonathan_scine

    You are a genious,i love dark creepy art it is my fav @johnkennmortensen

  16. big.red_g

    Holy shit! This one is horribly epic!

  17. michellefloyd


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