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Especially to yourself. Do you agree?

Especially to yourself. Do you agree?


  1. thepeacestorekeywest

    This post is good

  2. nadine_d_r



    Usually. Sometimes. And honesty to yourself - I probably wouldn't say it saves time - but rather - It's just much healthier and let's you thrive 🙌🏻

  4. aisha.bcd

    Always good quotes 😉!

  5. detoxdenhaag


  6. karleuxy


  7. everyday_inspiring_moments

    So true but not everybody apreciates brutal honesty😁

  8. greenshaped

    Maybe, could also let you think about what you said. If not true, mainly.

  9. jenniferann1959

    Honesty without compassion “can be” brutality.

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