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All set up for Beyond the Valley Studio Tour. Today and tomorrow 10-5.  #studiotour #beyondthevalley #dundas #ancaster #jerseyville #hamilton #pottery #artiststudio #ceramicstudio


  1. joannefrench1960

    Looks amazing!!

  2. esceramics

    @kortneymeighen awesome!

  3. kortneymeighen

    @esceramics I'm coming tomorrow

  4. esceramics

    @krystalspeck Thanks friend! 😘

  5. esceramics

    Thanks @goldandgingerstudio ! Late night last night rearranging everything, but so worth it (:

  6. esceramics

    @hc_made Thanks! 😊

  7. esceramics

    @kortneymeighen 2633 Jerseyville Rd W in Jerseyville

  8. kortneymeighen

    What's your address??

  9. hc_made

    What a beautiful space!

  10. goldandgingerstudio

    Shop looks awesome!

  11. krystalspeck

    Have a marvellous tour!! The shop is looking A+++!

  12. amandaleescott

    Oh lovely!!!

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