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♠️💀Absolutely luv my new Ink!!! Yup, reppin the Inked Soulz!!! Thx to Maria “Brat” Charlino for the original artwork for our Patch!!! Huge thx to Trevor Moss @trevormosstattoo of @libertytattooclub for knocking this out of the park!!! F’n luv this piece!!!! Swipe left⬅️ to see both pix!!!💀♠️ #istc4life #inkedsoulztc #lovemyclub #0919 #theeonerev #libertytattooclub #trevormosstattoo #floridaink #necktattoo #myinkaddict #myinkaddictapparel


  1. inkedamilia


  2. inkedup_mike


  3. leaneden

    So badass

  4. little_miss_crazy76

    Yap thats cool ❣ i have it as chain pendant 🤗

  5. inkduptt305

    My handsome brother!!!!

  6. inkedsoulztc

    @inkduptt305 blushing!!!

  7. v871012

    Nice tattoo ;-)

  8. inkedsoulztc

    @v871012 thx so much!!!

  9. cupcake.1985

    Love it! Awesome 💙

  10. inkedsoulztc

    @cupcake.1985 thank u!!

  11. lasting_images_inc

    Good shit brother