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The worried face of Tess 🐶 during Storm 🌪Ophelia #stormophelia #snoozefest #couchday #dogsbeingbasic


  1. valslevin

    The worry of it all 😉🤣

  2. ciaraciara

    oh my god she’s gorgeous 💗


    Poor thing! Give her a Valium or something 😂

  4. ohegartysarah

    So jeal 💙

  5. megan_byrnexox

    Adorable omg !!!!

  6. kimstephens82


  7. hearhovertonhere

    How is the storm? Has it passed?

  8. burkemonkey

    @hearhovertonhere - it seems to have gotten a bit wilder where I am in Dublin - think that's cause it's passing over Ireland now - think the south & west coast got the worst weather x

  9. nicolaparish

    Who is this cutie!

  10. aprl_la

    Great post :)

  11. jengel85

    Amazing shot

  12. the_real_jen_fogo

    Pure terror in that face.

  13. meltermeatballs

    Has Tess grown into a golden retriever?

  14. burkemonkey

    @meltermeatballs So much for being half Pomeranian half Cavalier - she just keeps growing 🐶

  15. meltermeatballs

    Looks like she could rescue people from a mountain

  16. jordankevin