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Why do they like random pictures please someone answer me bc it frustrates me 😂
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  1. hannie.summleblanc

    they buy there likes

  2. rare.leblancs

    @hannie.summleblanc how do y'all know

  3. hannie.summleblanc

    @bratayelys.heart once I saw a acc post something about it and then caden said he does but it idk what he acc is but hope it helped

  4. rare.leblancs

    @hannie.summleblanc thank u it did and if u buy likes does it automatically return them so u like their posts too?

  5. hannie.summleblanc

    @bratayleys.heart I'm not sure on that actually

  6. rare.leblancs

    @hannie.summleblanc even if they do buy likes,and I think they do,why do they like random people's posts lol idk

  7. hanniedf

    he gets/ buys likes

  8. hannie.summleblanc

    @bratayelys.heart ikr it's weird asf

  9. rare.leblancs

    @hanniedf if u buy likes for ur own post does it like return em or something

  10. hanniedf

    @bratayleys.heart basically there's specific apps where you have to go and like x amount of post to get x amount of likes. Normally the post your liking are people from Brazil and other weird places around the world. it's weird Ik.

  11. poppyllouise

    There is an app where you can like random photos which gets you money on the app to buy likes/followers (I only know this because I downloaded it thinking it was like to see who unfollowed you but it’s not) I hope this helped 💗

  12. rare.leblancs

    @hanniedf yeah bit more clearer thanks for that😂💜

  13. rare.leblancs

    @poppyllouise yeah thanks I was so confused 😂

  14. annie_hayden___

    Omg 😲 Instagram will delete their accounts if they find out they're buying likes that's against Instagram policy

  15. annie_hayden___

    @hannieupdatess @hayxjulianna look 👀 at this!!!