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Can’t believe kenz liked.. jealousy 😂❤️ but srsly Hayden lost kenz, got Annie, Hayden lost nothing if anything he gained #justsaying #rant #hannie #kayden #kaydenisdead


  1. woabrats

    but he got more then amazing now he got a dam queen fym

  2. audreyrust

    FACTZZZZ @haydensummerall @annieleblanc

  3. doritos.hannie

    @kenzsdaughter Annie is very talented so as Kenzie so why compare??

  4. doritos.hannie

    @kenzieziegedits217 the Hannie fandom doesn’t need a confirmation we know it’s already real sorry if I busted your bubble🙂🤧

  5. doritos.hannie

    @kenzieziegedits217 it’s Make believe NOW

  6. kenzsdaughter

    @annieexhaydennn how was I comparing

  7. doritos.hannie

    @kenzieziegedits217 Proof .....look at vlogs and photos 💀Kayden is dead so why talk bout it?

  8. rachelmcvay456

    No kenzie is ♕ queen Annie is......idk @kenzieziegler 4life 💞🙏👼

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