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  1. jewish_conservative_ Palestinians are brainwashed antisemites. We offered the peace 8 times, they refused 8 times. The don't want land, the want dead Jews. You can force them to leave when they hate Jews and kill innocent people

  2. laila.anderson

    @jewish_conservative_ I wouldn't call all Palestinians absolute murderous lunatics, that's what I would call their government. The people want peace, it's the governments that want war. I don't think we should be kicking out millions of people just because their government is full of maniacs.

  3. mo.hamma540

    مرگ بر اسراییل به زودی نابودش میکنیم

  4. jewish_conservative_

    @mo.hamma540 I can't read your squiggles

  5. mo.hamma540

    به گفته رهبرمون تا 25 ساله اینده اسراییلی وجود نخواهد داشت

  6. jewish_conservative_

    @mo.hamma540 still can't read that

  7. mo.hamma540

    areyou from amrica too

  8. jewish_conservative_

    @mo.hamma540 yup

  9. jewish_conservative_

    @sadjad_hadian ya, sure bud

  10. jewish_conservative_

    @sadjad_hadian you are very uninformed. We offered the Palestinians peace 8 times and appeased them in gaza and the West Bank. And still you call for the destruction of Israel. Everyone knows that antizionism is antisemitism. It's funny how you call Israel is ghetto when it's the most powerful and developed country in the Middle East. Israel is an impenetrable fortress

  11. jewish_conservative_

    @sadjad_hadian listen here antisemitic sand person. Jews were in Israel long before Islam even existed. It's rightfully out land. You Muslims have the rest of the Middle East and us Jews have a tiny sliver of land. And you antisemitic Muslims frame your antisemitism as anti Zionism. A person in the right state of mind knows that. We offered the Palestinians peace countless times and you refused. Israel puts up with so much shit from the UN and Muslims. Israel has won countess wars against you cave dwelling sand people. Israel will never fall

  12. jewish_conservative_

    @sadjad_hadian you're fucking delusional and extremely antisemitic. You are believing Nazi beliefs. You really need help.

  13. jewish_conservative_

    @sadjad_hadian your page is completely one sided is distorts the truth you fucking moron

  14. himawan_sasono

    why is Israel portrayed using a pigeon? that's a big mistake! should Israel be depicted using a crow! the terror spreader in Palestine..

  15. himawan_sasono

    @jewish_conservative_ uneducated Jews ... poor Jews! child prostitute 🇮🇱💩🖕

  16. himawan_sasono

    @jewish_conservative_ I hope Hitler and his troop of wake up from the grave to slaughter you poor Jews, child whore! 🇮🇱🖕

  17. himawan_sasono

    @jewish_conservative_ you talk to much fucking poor jews🖕🇮🇱

  18. vasquez7530

    Says the one that support troops going to palestinian communities and replacing them with force by isrealis, using tanks or white phosphorous. Sorry but Israel doesn't want peace, hell Israel shouldn't exist in first place

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