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  1. laila.anderson

    @jewish_conservative_ Both Israelis and Palestinians belong in Israel. You can't ask people who have lived in Israel all their life to simply leave.

  2. jewish_conservative_ Palestinians are brainwashed antisemites. We offered the peace 8 times, they refused 8 times. The don't want land, the want dead Jews. You can force them to leave when they hate Jews and kill innocent people

  3. laila.anderson

    @jewish_conservative_ I wouldn't call all Palestinians absolute murderous lunatics, that's what I would call their government. The people want peace, it's the governments that want war. I don't think we should be kicking out millions of people just because their government is full of maniacs.

  4. mo.hamma540

    مرگ بر اسراییل به زودی نابودش میکنیم

  5. jewish_conservative_

    @mo.hamma540 I can't read your squiggles

  6. mo.hamma540

    به گفته رهبرمون تا 25 ساله اینده اسراییلی وجود نخواهد داشت

  7. jewish_conservative_

    @mo.hamma540 still can't read that

  8. mo.hamma540

    areyou from amrica too

  9. jewish_conservative_

    @mo.hamma540 yup

  10. sadjad_hadian

    Israel is a Ghetto and very soon will be destroyed by Iran.

  11. jewish_conservative_

    @sadjad_hadian ya, sure bud

  12. sadjad_hadian

    @jewish_conservative_if America & Israel kill all the people in the world then they battle & fight with each other because they love war & kill & murdur. they are satan,s forces.

  13. jewish_conservative_

    @sadjad_hadian you are very uninformed. We offered the Palestinians peace 8 times and appeased them in gaza and the West Bank. And still you call for the destruction of Israel. Everyone knows that antizionism is antisemitism. It's funny how you call Israel is ghetto when it's the most powerful and developed country in the Middle East. Israel is an impenetrable fortress

  14. sadjad_hadian

    @jewish_conservative pl be honor and don,t tell lie. Zionists are very crafty & liar.

  15. sadjad_hadian

    u occupied Palestine. this Land is stolen by zionist.

  16. sadjad_hadian

    if u devided palestine in 2 part palestine will live peacefully but you want to clear this land from all palestines,

  17. sadjad_hadian

    America nix that Palestine(west bank & Gazeh) to be an independence country. you dont be satisfy even with Mahmud Abbas.

  18. sadjad_hadian

    Satan has captured your thought and only tell contrary news. shame to Evil and satanism=zionist=racism

  19. sadjad_hadian

    @jewish_conservative in 33 days war Lebanon Hizbollah proved that Israel is very brittle.

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