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Maybe my new favorite shoes @nativeshoes .
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  1. _omegaend

    I have a pair of native boots and they are forever my favorite

  2. robyn_marie

    I have 2 pair of them in black.

  3. jpfugley

    @_omegaend I want to try a pair this winter

  4. _omegaend

    @jpfugley do it man trust me!!

  5. jpfugley

    @katietaylor41 I know I only talked about them forever

  6. jpfugley

    @robyn_marie I got the black ones as well, did you get the boots at the DM meeting

  7. robyn_marie

    @jpfugley haven't yet, but I've always wanted a pair of fitzsimmons!

  8. zukadomis

    How comfortable?

  9. jpfugley

    @zukadomis up there with the boost stuff

  10. whatis_deadmay_neverdie

    those look really comfortable

  11. whatis_deadmay_neverdie

    I love that they're vegan

  12. jpfugley

    @whatis_deadmay_neverdie they are unreal. The packaging is even really nice

  13. jamesriichardd

    Those are tight