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The chair #stickymonsters #darkness #doom #donkenn #artwork #drawing #johnkennmortensen #darkness


  1. muoni.ayu

    Brrr creepy good! 🖤🎃🖤🎃🖤🎃

  2. mini_mosh

    Got my signed copy of christmas bestiary and it's my newest addition to prized possessions. Thank you.

  3. _cur5


  4. jkruez81


  5. karasukarri

    I'm in love with your art! ♥️♥️♥️

  6. roosterjane

    @nellagain you should follow this guy if you don't, you too @chief_nance

  7. nellagain

    @roosterjane oh this is fucking rad.

  8. pisanafulomaceio

    Venha conhecer o melhor do artesanato, moda e decoraçao!

  9. dracuria

    This is really cool! 🖤

  10. lovehousemuzic

    🏠 Liking

  11. marcpolglazeillustrations

    This brought me back to that feeling of being 6 and scared of my grandparents old creaky house. So awesome

  12. squeal001

    That's brilliant (no joke!) with the light coming out of the eyes! Extra creepy!

  13. claustrosdearmazonvolatil

    Is this the official Instagram account?

  14. vawee

    Your work makes me happy

  15. briemilton

    @lorepodcast if this guy hasn’t already done some work on the tv series, he should be!

  16. hassan_soydere

    love this photo

  17. magnusopusla


  18. sir.cophagus


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