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  1. the13ksound


  2. etamanagement

    Good stuff…send some of your work to our management team.

  3. etamanagement

    Submit to our management team.

  4. etamanagement

    Great material. if you need management or PR feel free to submit.

  5. lil_zebby_beats

    @thisishadar highly appreciated 👊🏼

  6. thisishadar

    👍 👍

  7. anaisriveravids

    Sent you a DM! Lets work! 🎶🔥

  8. yusufkx_

    Dug into a deeper depth of the brain for this sound 🔥🔥

  9. lil_zebby_beats

    @yusufkx_ omg this is a banger! #ItIsTheFamily 

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