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does anyone else feel weird when stuff like this happen?

does anyone else feel weird when stuff like this happen?


  1. redkpstore

    ❤ ❤ ❤ wow!

  2. barbsrus

    I’m so open about kpop I have that whole I don’t give a shit mentality my friends already know I’m unique so it’s nothing new

  3. hoseokbtc

    @barbsrus it be weird when i have to explain what it is since most likely they dont know

  4. barbsrus

    @bts.vibess most people that I know have heard of it but more so question why I listen to it since it’s in a different language but that’s really the only crap I get for listening to it but most of the time people know what kpop is

  5. hoseokbtc

    @barbsrus yeah the genre but they dont know the groups or anything like when i talk about a korean show and people ask what the name of it is this girl in my class legit thinks kpop music is reciting demonic rituals😩

  6. barbsrus

    @bts.vibess you have a point there 😭😂

  7. rosewatersuga

    I can relate so much

  8. twinkiehugz

    Lmaoo I tell them like this. Bitch I listen to legends and kings Kpop and it ruined my life becouse I have so many oppas that I can't see becouse I'm broke and i don't speak Korean then I act proud but inside I die

  9. a.r.m.y.and_yt

    Yup anytime time they ask me that question i say i listen to all type of music from different countries