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With the Revoltech and Hasbro Wolvie out in the market, is there still love for this Toybiz Sentinel Wave Astonishing X-Men Wolverine? He is regarded as the best Wolverine by Toyfare Magazine back then. #wolverine #xmen #toybiz #marvellegends #toystagram #toytripper #toysaremydrug #toys4life #marvelcomics


  1. the_ill_jedi

    That’s my favorite Wolverine figure. He resides in my cubicle at work!

  2. oh_look__no_wif

    I personally love him, but with the upcoming tiger stripe wolverine, I’m probably going to replace him. He’s a great fig, but he just feels short. The height is perfect, but something about his proportions just seem off when displayed with other x men figs.

  3. vicktuh

    @oh_look__no_wif his mask is perfect, but yeah, he looks too thin

  4. vicktuh

    @the_ill_jedi hell yeah!