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Heh heh heh🐟
πŸ“Έ:@brandonmillerphotos #crispin

Heh heh heh🐟 ~ πŸ“Έ:@brandonmillerphotos #crispin 


  1. cookskunk


  2. thesandhaus

    Sometime soon I should bring my goats out to kick it. Only catch is that it's best to do away from cliffs and steep hillsides or they go climbing where I can't make it πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸΌ

  3. staggerleeee


  4. bassthumb_babes

    Check it out @salty_cheeks

  5. dry_drop_hookup

    Well done!

  6. theflyfishermen

    Even the trout is smiling. Hell yeah.

  7. floyddelacruz

    Wow, great one!!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  8. flycaster13

    There ya go!

  9. smithmlindsay

    Yasssss! 🀘🏻 right on!

  10. scottlmcmaster


  11. trout_onthe_fly


  12. joewentoutside

    I’m so jealous @coloradoladyangler I need to go there again

  13. classic_eko why can’t catch these things in New York?

  14. coloradoladyangler

    @brandonmillerphotos good thing we spilled the fries before he could steal one again 🍟

  15. brandonmillerphotos

    Bahahahaha crispin

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