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Save Gods beautifully, majestic, wildlife Elephants...
#TeamWEN #Elephant #BeKindToElephants #God #Creation #Beautiful  #Majestic #Wildlife #Save #StandUp @theellenshow @dswt #UseYourVoice


  1. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele that is so sick,they should cut his tail off😡

  2. dmmratti

    Trump is an IDIOT. What kind of a dark soul would even want to kill these wonderful animals.. Trump and his family are sick. His son went over and killed a elephant and cut its tail off. We have this Trump family representing our country. I am embarrassed for us. Bottom line LEAVE ALL OF THESE ANIMALS ALONE

  3. sheilaking3632

    Amen ❤❤

  4. dessa1531


  5. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele For sure!!

  6. tt_0809


  7. codenamecarebear

    I read Trump rescinded the order. It will be reconsidered! I am so pleased. Elephants are such incredible animals and get treated so poorly. Same with pigs, anyway! No import of trophies at least for the time. Hopefully forever. 🐘🐘🐘

  8. sonja.michele

    @yorkiepoodonna now that’s what I call instant karma! 😆

  9. greatbritishafternoonteaco

    This hurts my heart could they?????

  10. caramarieadams58

    I second that thought. Elephants are my spirit animals🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

  11. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele well I just think it is a sick sport, there was a couple hunters that killed by the animal they were trying to shoot😊

  12. sonja.michele

    @yorkiepoodonna Same here! I oppose trophy hunting with every fiber of my being

  13. jennifergatzke

    @princessaurora4171 I know, I wish they were offered all the time...but only twice a year.😢 ALWAYS DO Auto delivery if you can!

  14. yorkiepoodonna

    @jennifergatzke we sure do !!

  15. yorkiepoodonna

    @sonja.michele Just makes me sick!!

  16. princessaurora4171

    @jennifergatzke noooo! 😭😭I didn’t do auto delivery this year.

  17. jennifergatzke

    @yorkiepoodonna It is sick, twisted and beyond cruel. This from the so-called leader of our country? SPEAK UP PEOPLE‼️ #savetheelephants  #useyourvoice  #savewildlife  #standupforwildlife  #impeachtrump  #lovemywen 

  18. jennifergatzke

    Everyone needs to use their voice and speak up against Trump... NO MORE KILLING GOD’S majestic, beautiful, inspiring, loving creatures‼️‼️

  19. jennifergatzke

    @princessaurora4171 WEN Gallons available in June😊

  20. princessaurora4171

    When will your WEN conditioner gallons be available on QVC?

  21. sonja.michele

    @yorkiepoodonna He’s thinking his sons are trophy hunters and wants them to be able to bring their murdered animals back to the US. Google Don jr to see pix of him with elephant he killed...holding tail he cut off with a BIG smile on his face. They kill big cats, too

  22. molgold

    Trump and his administration are cruel and setting the clock back to a darker time . His song trophy hunt and post pictures with beautiful exotic animal parts . I hope the voters wake up in the future !

  23. yorkiepoodonna

    How could this be !! These beautiful animals, what are you thinking president Trump?

  24. jacki3896

    How could anyone want to hurt these majestic animals!

  25. tinab411

    Trump is reconsidering !!! We need to stay strong !!!

  26. silviacocchis

    Poor elephant 🐘 yes God bless him

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