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Abbottsgord Convent; for a custom invitation. #watercolourpainting #onmydesk


  1. lemontreecalligraphy

    Correction *Abbottsford 🤦‍♀️

  2. crimson_letters

    Beautiful! I imagine that building must have taken some time and so well worth it

  3. lemontreecalligraphy

    @crimson_letters thank you!! Not the easiest building 😬but yes, a beautiful one!! 💕

  4. alchemybreadco


  5. missenvylope

    Lovely! That's where i got married 😊

  6. lemontreecalligraphy

    @alchemybreadco 😂😆👍

  7. lemontreecalligraphy

    @missenvylope Thanks Sharon!! I didn't know you were married there! But I hear it's a gorgeous venue. This bride is very in love with how pretty it is :)

  8. thebelgianartist

    Amazing work!The amount of detail in this piece is just outstanding!👍

  9. cleation

    So great! Love this place

  10. lemontreecalligraphy

    @thebelgianartist thank you so so much :) xx

  11. lemontreecalligraphy

    @every.little.something Thank you!

  12. lemontreecalligraphy

    @cleation thanks Bella 😘😘

  13. alexeywind

    Great feed. :)

  14. designinwords

    I knew it looked familiar! Love that spot. A stunning illustration @lemontreecalligraphy !

  15. melissaharrellart

    Beautifully painted!

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