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I love how much love she’s receiving. My little baby deserves. ‪♕ ⁷∕₂₇ #DinahJane #NormaniKordei #AllyBrooke #LaurenMichelle #FifthHarmony #Dinah #Normani #Ally #Lauren #H4RMONY #Norminah #Dinally #Laurinah #Normally #Alren #Laurmani #5H3 #DNA #DC3 #imdinahs ‬


  1. maryel_rivera


  2. imdinahss

    @jmarsrex at the height of their career they were but rn, no

  3. lolovegoals

    @jmarsrex its spice girls if you want it that way

  4. hfeliciano_

    @jmarsrex Fifth Harmony is Fifth Harmony not TLC. Just because Fifth Harmony does not have the same achievements as TLC, does not make them any less of a amazing girl group. Fifth Harmony is successful and will continue to be successful just like TLC. Fifth Harmony is still growing, they're just going to get better. TLC was an amazing girl group, they've paved the way for other girl groups now, so please stop downgrading Fifth Harmony and let them shine.

  5. saint.allysin

    @jmarsrex *biggest sigh ever*

  6. jmarsrex

    @saint.allysin you commented on my post and this post lists fifth harmony as the worlds biggest girl group and THAT IS INACCURATE!

  7. saint.allysin

    @jmarsrex besides what does this have anything to do with TLC or any other gg??? This post is about 5H and Dinab Jane, I don’t know why you in here tryna cause drama and draw attention to yourself. Stop it. Get Help.

  8. jmarsrex

    @saint.allysin fifth harmony and TLC are nowhere near on the same level!!! you must be young to not know the significance of TLC the CrazySexyCool crew. Fifth harmony has not reach the levels of fam, popularity, success and achievement that TLC did. Honestly fifth harmony is cute but have yet to reach the levels that predecessors have especially your homework

  9. saint.allysin

    @jmarsrex stop comparing them together, they are both successful

  10. thick.harmony

    I stan a vocalist

  11. florencetfiliai

    Congratulations Dinah.

  12. camwich_

    Ugh in my home city too 😭

  13. jmarsrex

    The worlds biggest girl group is TLC and dont ever get it twisted

  14. camila2myheart

    Yass my Polynesian princess 👸 can't wait to watch her sing 🎶

  15. thatamazinggirlpower

    “World biggest music girl group”😩😭❤️

  16. _shy_y

    I say that shes recieving love here to. Just it

  17. _shy_y

    @strippedxt wtf are you on.... omg, she said Dinah is recieving a lot of love, i said that in the comments of DWTS performance to. 1) you are really stupid 2) don't compare Miley to fifth harmony because it's actually an insult to her

  18. strippedxt

    @_shy_y sweetie miley stan talking about vocals, wild

  19. imdinahss

    @_shy_y so why mention it?

  20. _shy_y

    @imdinahss not my problem

  21. imdinahss

    @_shy_y I still don’t see the correlation

  22. _shy_y

    @imdinahss with your caption, lmao

  23. imdinahss

    @_shy_y what does that have to do with this?

  24. _shy_y

    In the DWTS performance tho

  25. dinahjanie97

    Worlds biggest girl group 👸🏾👸🏼👸🏻👸🏼

  26. imdinahss

    @shawnkieffer because it is. She’s part of the biggest girl group and she’s Tongan, singing the Tongan National anthem for Tonga at the World Series. How is that not big news?

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