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Had so much fun "holiday-ifying" this lovely home for the owner's Christmas cards!πŸŽ„
A house portrait makes a great Christmas gift... πŸ˜‰
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  1. carlieb_design

    @heartandscrolls thank you so much!

  2. heartandscrolls

    This!!!!! So pretty!

  3. carlieb_design

    @therealshannonqualls thank you very much! ❀️

  4. therealshannonqualls

    This πŸ‘†πŸ½this is rad. Seriously has me over here all 😍😍😍

  5. ink_on_travel

    awesome ! πŸ–€

  6. carlieb_design

    @handmadesanctuary thank you so much!

  7. carlieb_design

    @houseonheatherfield thanks so much Sharon!

  8. carlieb_design

    @beverly_gurganus_art thank you very much πŸ’•

  9. carlieb_design

    @cactusandcresote thank you so much ❀️

  10. amelialane_

    Love this!!!😍😍😍 such a unique idea!

  11. handmadesanctuary

    This is such a great idea

  12. houseonheatherfield

    This is so pretty!!

  13. beverly_gurganus_art

    Beautiful job!

  14. cactusandcresote

    Wow, it looks amazing! Love it!

  15. carlieb_design

    @heritage_homestead_farm lol thank you for your sweet words 😘😘

  16. tamberyne


  17. carlieb_design

    @sewwattscooking thank you so much 😘

  18. carlieb_design

    @threetimesahome that is so kind, thank you.

  19. carlieb_design

    @vickibucciere sure! Let me know what you're interested in!

  20. carlieb_design

    @shopdivinedesigns thank you so much for your kind words Lauren! πŸ’•

  21. carlieb_design

    @tonya9544 thank you Tonya!

  22. carlieb_design

    @homegirlpdx thanks so much Sarah πŸ’—

  23. carlieb_design

    @labohemehouseofthewishingtrees thank you for your kind words πŸ’•

  24. carlieb_design

    @allthingsreneecom shipping today, I sure hope so 😍

  25. carlieb_design

    @jojotastic thank you so much.

  26. carlieb_design

    @all_honeydesign I did, thank you Pam!

  27. carlieb_design

    @allthingselliottstyle thank you so much Haley!

  28. carlieb_design

    @bvintagestyle usually they just hang up the art, I thought her Christmas card idea was awesome!

  29. vickibucciere


  30. vickibucciere

    Love it, love it - will you do some work for my business?

  31. threetimesahome

    Wow! It’s perfect!

  32. heritage_homestead_farm

    @carlieb_design hehe, the house's design is cool too, but I meant how precisely drafted your style of art is πŸ˜‰

  33. sewwattscooking

    What a great idea for a gift!

  34. shopdivinedesigns

    WOW YOU ARE SO TALENTED!! So beautiful!

  35. tonya9544

    Very beautiful ❀️

  36. homegirlpdx

    That is seriously such a great gift idea!

  37. labohemehouseofthewishingtrees

    Oh how pretty! And so clever! πŸŽ„β€οΈβœ¨

  38. allthingsreneecom

    Oh how lovely! What a perfect Christmas card, they must love it!

  39. jojotastic

    This looks beyond fab! πŸ’—

  40. all_honeydesign

    Did you draw this??? 🏑 🌲🌲 Awesome!!!

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