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Canon AE1-Program.35 mm SLR. Body only, found at a second hand store. May go get it. Depends on the condition.(seals, etc.).
#canonae1program #35mm #slrcameras #cameraporn #cameralove #Kit #needmorelenses #filmphotography


  1. morrisfansclub


  2. rowan.leigh.wade

    @anidlemancouk Brr.. Good Luck! Ya, 0230 here. Still awake. It actually was 52°F & sunny yesterday.

  3. anidlemancouk

    Frosty here ... its 7.30AM and I'm off to the car boot!

  4. rowan.leigh.wade

    I will have to check for the light shielding & for mold, mechanical, & a good battery compartment. I bought a 2nd hand camera once..the previous owner had left the batteries in, & they had leaked. No fixing it. I still have the lens. But it was so sad.

  5. anidlemancouk

    Lovely looking camera .... expensive?