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Which is the best Hulk to buy?? Guys help me out!! #marvellegends #marvellegendscommunity #marvellegendscollector #marvellegendscollection


  1. mrboredpanda

    The green one

  2. thecomicwatcher

    @mrboredpanda I was think the same 👌

  3. omegamutant

    I think it depends on what you want. I like the Marvel Select Hulks because the scale with Legends seems right. The legends are going to have more articulation though

  4. thecomicwatcher

    @omegamutant I don't need him to me articulate. Just a background in my marvel legends avengers display

  5. thecollector336

    @thecomicwatcher get the one on the top left corner with the light blue pants

  6. thecomicwatcher

    @thecollector336 is that a select?

  7. thecollector336

    @thecomicwatcher yeah but he looks good in size and look next to the legends

  8. thecomicwatcher

    @thecollector336 copy

  9. djeveltilbeder

    Hulkamania running wild!

  10. crazyfreddy_as6

    Top middle one...