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  1. guinea.slimess

    Is the tutti fruity trio scented? Because i love scented slimes and thats the one getting

  2. kittykat.slimez

    @guinea.slimess I was going to scent them tropical fruits, but decided to keep them clear 👌

  3. guinea.slimess

    @kittykat.slimez oh okay thanks for letting me know 😊

  4. kittykat.slimez

    @guinea.slimess although I’m including an extra slime that will be scented

  5. guinea.slimess

    @kittykat.slimez oh okay! Thx! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  6. craftyslimerchlo

    could you like all my posts because I only have a few, I’ll like all yours ❤️❤️

  7. kittykat.slimez

    @armyslimee k

  8. a.nicely

    I bought some purple butter slime and got a pink crunchy slime with it so I got 2 slime when I ordered 1 lol

  9. kittykat.slimez

    @a.nicely I include an extra slime with every order

  10. kittykat.slimez

    @a.nicely was it a big one or small container???

  11. a.nicely

    A small one

  12. kittykat.slimez

    @a.nicely yup those come random in every order


    hey! i’m also one of kileys cousins!! Love ur slimes!!

  14. kittykat.slimez thanks!

  15. guinea.slimess

    Oml im ordering this when i get the chance! I LOOOOVE BUTTER SLIMES!!!