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Wedding! Red Velvet/Maple Bacon/Cherry Almond Vanilla/ Vanilla Almond with Raspberry filling Bride and Groom cake with exposed layers #wolfrunbakery  #weddings🌹  #bakethecake #organic #cupcakeswin #gourmetbaker #fitnesstrainer #uhhuh


  1. hahacoyle1


  2. kimmybakes

    @hahacoyle1 thank you Holly.

  3. hahacoyle1 the Mr. And Mrs. Chocolate?

  4. kimmybakes

    @hahacoyle1 the bride ordered that piece. It is plastic. Navy blue as well as ribbon. Prettier than photos

  5. hahacoyle1

    It is pretty but I could see you making it!!!

  6. kimmybakes

    @hahacoyle1 I'll attempt small designs. Not this. Not a chocolateer. 😁 you bake too. Right?

  7. hahacoyle1

    Yes,I love to bake!!!

  8. kimmybakes

    @hahacoyle1 i have made two failed attempts at macarons. I'll try one more time. Flat

  9. hahacoyle1

    Sorry...never made them. Don't give can do it!!!!