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Me and @djbattlecat we’re just discussing this album. Dope production! @_retromatic ・・・ Too smooth!! 👌👌🔥🔥🔥 #DanaDane  #RollinWitDane  #Battlecat  #1995  @danadanemedia @djbattlecat


  1. mr.boone01

    How can I get my hands on this right here, straight 🔥 !!!!

  2. mr.boone01

    I had no idea, this was one of your old tracks. Still Hot!

  3. 4headzonlyproductionz

    I see you name on that train

  4. 4headzonlyproductionz


  5. soverynessasary


  6. ruste_muthafuckin_juxx


  7. sincerelyamour


  8. mr.boone01

    I have that track in rotation right now!

  9. danadanemedia

    @mr.boone01 appreciate you. Fullcircle

  10. 2shotnig

    #MyMan  (Denzel voice)

  11. mr.boone01

    Always respected your craft sir. Peace & Love!

  12. djosharp

    Signed to Madonna’s label?

  13. heremperor

    Album was and still is dope to me.

  14. danadanemedia

    @djosharp yep

  15. gmichele_219

    Yesssss!!! Love it Dana!!! Full Circle. Blessings!!!

  16. fashionrobz71

    Daaaammmmmm............... i 'm never gonna forget u big Homie i'm in the A now.

  17. latoyasweat

    Love it my friend!

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