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Great day at the @thepeclub sharing tips from @shouldiscoopoutmybagel and networking with great vendors from @kitehillfoods @athletanyc @essentiawater @nancymillerjewelry @pinkberryswirl @pressedjuicery #yourhealthstartsnow #getfit #nutrition #dietitian #author #healthauthor #healthyliving #westchesterny #fitness #books #healthnow


  1. thepeclub

    So great to have you share your awesome book and expertise with our clients! 💪

  2. emilyliebert

    Excellent title!

  3. ilyseschapiro.nutrition

    @emilyliebert thank you!!! It’s all about the diet myths out there 😊

  4. emilyliebert

    @ilyseschapiro.nutrition For the record, I’ve never scooped out a bagel and I eat one every single morning.

  5. lettucebebalanced

    Woohoo!! 👏🏻👏🏻

  6. ilyseschapiro.nutrition

    @lettucebebalanced thank you!

  7. badass_business_women

    ✳ Magnificent

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