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New kit day! The Local Heroes kit is in and landing on hangers as we speak. Come down soon for the best selection of sizes!@livermorecyclery 
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  1. epileptic_adventures

    Only roadie kits?

  2. nik_nik

    Love the colors and design!!!

  3. livermorecyclery

    @nik_nik want me to set something aside for you? We only have a few race fit available!

  4. livermorecyclery

    @epileptic_adventures we’re working on a MTB kit for the next run. Any preferences? 3/4 or short sleeves?

  5. epileptic_adventures

    @livermorecyclery i would wear either but i prefer short. I dont wear any pads so 3/4 woyld feel a bit wierd

  6. melindahoward1

    Can’t wait to sport mine ❤️❤️