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#prosciutto wrapped #brusselsprouts with #fig #balsamic #reduction and #toasted #almonds


  1. bulldog.mama

    Oh my goodness girl that looks delicious

  2. paul_r_taylor


  3. chptr30

    Omgggggg yummmmm

  4. chptr30

    And I don’t even eat bacon and yuuuuummmmmm

  5. saravanegdom

    Beautiful and obviously made with lots of love 🌷

  6. dorth60

    It looks delicious but why Brusselsprouts? People really eat them?🤢😊

  7. courtneycreate

    @dorth60 haha I love Brussels sprouts! I was actually making turkey dinner and trying to think of something to do with Brussels sprouts so I did that. But any other time it would be good with wrapping like anything else.

  8. vicgut

    I want that!

  9. courtneycreate

    @chptr30 😂😂😂

  10. courtneycreate

    @sandikillackey :p

  11. courtneycreate

    @vicgut haha you had that didn't u

  12. hannahmaiselphoto

    My gosh that looks amazing

  13. triple_tash


  14. vicgut

    @courtneycreate actually I did. Forgot, whoops!

  15. courtneycreate

    @vicgut lol I think they had gotten a little cold tho 😩

  16. psfarris

    I’d never have thought of fig being used with this but yeah

  17. ragmopphotoz

    Looks nummy

  18. healthy_4_jehovah

    Looks amazing!

  19. chasingkissy

    I’m so gonna make this!😋

  20. bleuparvous

    You are singing my song!!!