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  1. lindakrealty

    This is beautiful. What a special way to celebrate Hanukkah. Love you all!!

  2. lizasamuelrealty

    @lindakrealty can’t wait to be with you and my nephews! That will be a great present 🎁

  3. jacqueeyo

    I miss Gigi... come to NY time to visit

  4. rosenstep

    Beautiful!! Happy hanukah

  5. lizasamuelrealty

    @jacqueeyo we miss you!!! I have too many people coming to me this break. I can’t steal away. But i have a great excuse to come in January eenshahlah!

  6. nahid.noban

    Happy Hanukkah to my beautiful family.

  7. sjosloff

    This was on the news last night!! The Samuel family front and center!!!

  8. southfloridaswims


  9. pouryneman

    Love you❤️❤️🌺

  10. lizasamuelrealty

    @sjosloff really! I must google myself lol

  11. lizasamuelrealty

    @pouryneman love you so much poury!