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(CLOSED) ✨GIVEAWAY✨I love how versatile perm rod sets are and for me, I know I’m not taking any chances when I’m using a mousse. I loved the Wrap me Foaming mousse from @lovelottabody . So, I teamed up with @lovelottabody to bring you guys a giveaway. There will be one lucky winner and it runs for 24 hours. You will be winning the entire Collection. RULES 1. Must be following @lovelottabody and @naturallytemi 2. Tag 2 friends Only open to US residents . Good luck . Song- Flavour- Chimamanda . . . . #naturalhairdoescare  #4chairchicks  #myhaircrush  #teamnatural_  #teamnatural  #naturallyshesdope   #berrycurly  #nhdaily  #kinkychicks   #protectivestyles   #voiceofhair   #naturalhairloves  #respectmyhair   #unconditionedroots  #curlsaunaturel  #afroliciouswomen  #healthy_hair_journey  #naturalhairstyles  #hairnbeautydirectory  #naturalhaircommunity  #naturalistas  #blackboldandnatural 


  1. accordingtotiff


  2. slim.badie

    Where can we get these products?

  3. evesmallz

    @plasma3604eva 😍

  4. raregememerald

    Definitely hair goals, plz how long did it take for your hair to grow this long?

  5. nieceyg


  6. manisaid

    I wanna do my hair like this but I’m lazy @jalisamiesha 😂

  7. jalisamiesha

    @manisaid I wish you would !!

  8. nelll____

    This! @aliasamone

  9. isauraisabelpe

    @gerandyp what type of hair she has?

  10. gerandyp

    @isauraisabelpe entre 4a-4b

  11. cee.k.aye


  12. thealexvelasquez

    @phillismosieri 😍😍

  13. ashleykilla_


  14. yaripimentel003


  15. chan__tay

    @lori.ann_3 this is the lady I was telling you about

  16. cylviesglam

    @ab_serwaah @__lovableachiaa

  17. __lovableachiaa

    @cylviesglam thank you 💕

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