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  1. m.a.r.c.e.l_l.a

    @tristonfreit it's never a big deal on the news if a white person commits murder. last time a white shooting was made public was the vegas shooting, and for the record, it was the most deadly in modern US history, so obviously it'd be a big deal. And yeah, I agree that muslim countries are very oppressive (which is why people are leaving !!!) but then again people like you are trying to keep them out of a country they can feel safe in. It's ridiculous hat women have virtually no rights in those countries, but that's also why us privileged first world women and men are feminists, but then again, people like you also hate those who try to fight for women's rights. Islam is a religion, not an ideology, and the muslim refugees are not coming here to murder you, but to flee from terrorists. Why do you hate everyone of one religion based on actions they didn't even support? That's like hating all christians because there are homophobic christians, or because the KKK is christian. It's like hating North Koreans because of their "government".

  2. m.a.r.c.e.l_l.a

    @tristonfreit ah that was really long 😅

  3. tristonfreit

    @m.a.r.c.e.l_l.a yes it is a big deal when white people kill. It's just that whites make up 70% of the country and are only 40% of the violent crime so we're doing well in terms of the numbers. We're trying to keep them out until the vetting process is better and we know for sure the ones trying to kill us are not let in. The men should be staying back to fight for their countries. The women and children are different. And I've said in here that it's sickening to allow Islam to treat women the way it does. I never said I didn't want women's right. Stop being absurd and childish 😂. Feminism is garbage because the causes it fights for (manspreading, mansplaining, the proven false wage gap) are stupid and pointless. Feminism was great until 3rd wave feminism came and now feminists are primarily crying about things that aren't real issues.

  4. tristonfreit

    @m.a.r.c.e.l_l.a and yes Islam is an ideology. Any thought process that is in anyway political is an ideology. Islam is not a normal religion. And nobody said I hates Muslims either 😂. I just am not a fan of people beating women, killing gays, beheading Christians and Jews. And no its not the same. When the majority of Muslims believe something, it's different than 1,000 Christians believing something. The fact you compare the KKK (evil but insignificant) to extremist Islam (dangerous, and a hazard to western society)

  5. m.malisse

    skirts are too short: get kicked out skirts are too long: get kicked out. should we just stay in a one way bubble and make no one see us?!

  6. m.a.r.c.e.l_l.a

    @tristonfreit okay but is the vetting process going to get better? where's the evidence that Trump is actually planning on letting them in. and also, where are your sources saying most muslims are terrorists?? only a fraction of muslims are terrorists, just like a fraction of white people are mass shooters. And yes, some men do stay back, but some go with their families so they can actually financially support themselves. honestly please go actually educate yourself about these issues, and i'll do the mature thing and leave this argument because it's pointless and childish, just like your views. 😊

  7. hannah.martinii

    Too long??? Tf? Is that a distraction for boys too? Is it just too tempting to watch the long skirt go swishy-swish?

  8. peculiarleti

    what the fuck

  9. tristonfreit

    @m.a.r.c.e.l_l.a the lack of common sense that spews from your mouth is inconceivable. If the vetting process doesn't get better, we don't let them in. If it gets better we do. You seem to not understand anything about how the world works or the safety risk that letting in a religion where large percentages, upwards of 60% support acts such as suicide bombings. 8% of US Muslims supports suicide bombings as well. If 8% of white people supported mass shootings, we'd have a problem. You don't like to use facts or anything other than opinions so maybe it's best you don't respond out of your embarrassment.

  10. tristonfreit

    @m.a.r.c.e.l_l.a also saying "go educate yourself" makes you seem like the 14 year old you are 😂. The majority of Muslims live in the middle east. The only place with terrorists running amuck? Middle East. Only place with rampant homophobia to the point of killing gays? Middle East. Place where a woman who was raped will be subject to an honor killing? The middle east. Their views are not compatabile with western democracy. Sorry but it's true

  11. labiebs017

    Bitch say what now?!?!

  12. tylerbrown29

    And the media will flip it around and make it an islamophobic issue when it probably has nothing to do with that.

  13. tylerbrown29

    Have you ever though that maybe they have a dress code?


    wow, and i be getting dress coded for having too short skirts, guess it's just a fucked up school system, hmm

  15. angelicaglow50

    so what of those who wear skirts that are too Short?

  16. baginskiii

    This is so unfair to her! I am 100% white and I wear long skirts all the time. The school should be punished

  17. amiscutee

    Umm what??? It’s either too short or too long for people I don’t understand :/

  18. we_dont_need_feminism

    @hannah.martinii and suddenly she realizes the dress code isn't in place for boys eyes

  19. ann_marie_valentine_

    The head of that school needs to be shot

  20. everyone_can_fuck_offnow

    @tylerbrown29 yes but do you understand religion? did you pass that as a subject?

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