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Full Leg/Glutes routine for you to try on your next leg day! Tag your workout partner! These are some of my favorites and burn so good, I highly recommend them! You can do (4X12) Slow and controlled reps. (Video is sped up) Happy Wednesday family! . I drink my Pineapple 🍍 BCAAS during and after my workouts to help with muscle recovery. Code HEIDY will save you a 20%OFF @1upnutrition #1upnutrition 


  1. littlefitsambharie

    Glute hammy isolation day? Love it!

  2. annavoelkerr


  3. blackmajic649

    Sexy shorts

  4. courtneyhaggas

    Where are your shorts from? @heidy.espaillat also love all your videos!

  5. julvernex

    @dian.hp 😍😘

  6. dian.hp

    @julvernex 😍😘😘😘

  7. aysselle_estrada !!


    @aysselle_estrada Booty Goals!! I have the last weight

  9. aysselle_estrada dude omg right ! That’s like my body goal slim tummy and a nice big booty 😭😭 and yass let’s try it out !


    @aysselle_estrada Ahaha Okay Im Down !! And same !! June needa come already

  11. aysselle_estrada omg seriously 😭😭

  12. lpezwm


  13. mikelowrey25

    Holy f...😩😩😭😭

  14. saidaemily


  15. _kylemclean98


  16. thaynavalente_

    @emidiane_bezerra segue ela amiga

  17. emidiane_bezerra

    @thaynavalente_ vou dar uma olhada

  18. daveallyn1698

    Love how round the booty is when you're doing the one legged dead lifts. You must be tight. Would be amazing to give you a full body massage with coconut oil. @heidy.espaillat

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