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Late night shift at work today🥒🖤

Late night shift at work today🥒🖤


  1. _crow_father

    Love the boots!! 😍 @officiallunablack

  2. _they_call_me_the_captain_

    Those boots are honestly my favourite design as far as platforms go

  3. officiallunablack

    @armyforsatan78 Sephora and Hot Topic

  4. officiallunablack

    @_crow_father same! Thank you

  5. officiallunablack

    @misplaced.famous thanks ^-^

  6. officiallunablack

    @_they_call_me_the_captain_ I getting a new pair for Christmas but these are my favorites

  7. _they_call_me_the_captain_

    @officiallunablack arent the point of christmas gifts supposed to be the surprise? Haha but yeah thats rad, i am really hoping to extend my wardrobe soon and platforms are definitely on my to ourchase list slowly going to reaquire my gothic attire i lost

  8. _suppeoples_

    Can i get uhhhhhh...... You're perfect and so are those boots on you ✨ w o w i e ✨

  9. officiallunablack

    @_they_call_me_the_captain_ normally but I'm getting them for myself ^-^

  10. _they_call_me_the_captain_

    @officiallunablack those are the best gifts "the me gifts" like treat yoself you deserve it

  11. officiallunablack

    @_they_call_me_the_captain_ yep ^-^ been working and saving up money for bills and presents for my family and friends and thought I could use some new boots

  12. armyforsatan78

    This pitcher you're in is that Hot Topic?

  13. _they_call_me_the_captain_

    @officiallunablack yeah plus its winter now so boots are a thing that is neccisary

  14. officiallunablack

    @armyforsatan78 no I'm in forever 21 in this picture since they have a bigger mirror 😂

  15. armyforsatan78

    Ok cool I heard Hot Topic went white

  16. officiallunablack

    @armyforsatan78 only the outside of the store inside is still black

  17. armyforsatan78

    I haven't been in a hot topic in year's I fill way to old to go in one now

  18. truedragongod

    I don't care how old someone is, hot topic is awesome. Enjoy it. Love you're style btw!!

  19. pdnixon1


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