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Im sure these guys was told not to move, I did my best.. #den12mannfilmen #den12mann #fingern #jonathanrhysmeyers #haraldjzwart #premiere #soldiers #wehrmachtsoldaten #worldwar #aurorakinofokus


  1. tamara18000

    @petter.sandberg1982 haha 😁😁😃😃 I think you did not really make them laugh, they were at work, fun there you had 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼😃😃😃😍

  2. petter.sandberg1982

    @tamara18000 I tried multiple things, even told a joke about that one time at band camp and so on..I soon realized I better move on to my seat 😅😂

  3. _worldofhistory_

    Nice picture! Check out my profile if you are interested in history 😊

  4. margarethsz


  5. heatherml3219

    @petter.sandberg1982 “ band camp” jokes..” Have u seen the American Pie movies? I was going to quote but just in case..

  6. petter.sandberg1982

    @heatherml3219 haha million years ago, guess I got it wrong, I'll stand my ground

  7. heatherml3219

    @petter.sandberg1982 😂👌🏻